Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus > Accomplishments



I'm proud of the record we've created these past four years and I ask for your support this coming November 7th. 


  • 6,000 jobs have been created since taking office, dropping unemployment from 6.4% to 4.6%
  • $850 million in capital investment 
  • 80+ new companies have moved to Orange County
  • Opened up a casino school to provide jobs to residents for the Sullivan County Casino
  • Norwegian Airlines has brought tens of thousands of new passengers, and affordable flights, to Stewart International Airport
  • The County’s investment in tourism has paid off as new hotels have been built and tourism has expanded.



  • The County property tax rate is the lowest in five years
  • The County’s fund balance has increased to $43.7 million, more than doubling since 2013.  As a result, the County's finances have been rated as stable and the State Comptroller removed his designation that the County was susceptible to fiscal stress.
  • The County’s employee early retirement incentive has saved approximately $15 million without sacrificing services to residents
  • Sales tax revenue has increased $9.5 million since 2014, which has benefited municipalities throughout the County.  This is a sign of a growing economy.
  • The Orange County Airport, which once lost money, no longer requires taxpayer subsidies due to reduced costs and expanded opportunities for local aircraft and corporations
  • OrangeCares, an award winning program my administration started, has provided over 75,000 meals to children in Orange County


Good Government

  • Temporary assistance cases in Orange County have dropped by 18 percent;
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistant Program (SNAP) cases have decreased by 12 percent
  • The County enacted a strong new ethics law and expanded our County website to increase the amount of information available to taxpayers
  • Doubled the number of bus stops to VA facilities for our veterans
  • Roads and bridges neglected for years have been rebuilt and reopened